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The Accidental Author

I’m just an ordinary North London girl, who grew up in a loving family and had a normal life. I’ve had various jobs, and am now happily married and mummy to one beautiful and amazing daughter.  So, how did I end up an author?

One day, when she was about 2 years old, my daughter (Bobbie) started shouting at me ‘Mystic Bunny Boy!’ in a kinda crazy voice!  I had no idea what she was on about, and neither did her nursery when I asked them!  It wasn’t something she was reading or seeing on TV… What was this all about?  It went on for months (and actually was often accompanied with a smack in the face!), and then suddenly the penny dropped!

I realised Bobbie was ‘gifting’ me a character for a book! And funnily enough, as soon as I decided to write a book she stopped doing it!  Since it was her idea, it made sense I wrote a book for her to enjoy… We often 'walk the rainbow' together before bedtime, so the basis of the story I tell her combined with her character resulted in Mystic Bunny Boy's first book - And that’s how I became an ‘accidental author’!

Oh, and I'm also a Marketing Consultant - you can find out more about that over at Bob Marketing

We love all things branding and we love Jodie the author. So when Jodie asked us to create a logo, look & feel and branding for Mystic Bunny Boy, we jumped at the chance.

We can't wait to see this book fly off the shelves and crack on with the next amazing story in the series. Make sure you order your copy now - a must for all 2-5 year olds (and their parents).

The Brandit Team

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MainiBooks is a fairly new London based publishing house, writing and publishing meaningful and exciting children picture books; simultaneously supporting other authors to realise their ideas/stories into final books selling independently under their respective Titles and Copyrights. 


When Jodie initially contacted us regarding her title, she had a beautiful story and character written, and was seeking suggestions on how to go about self publishing. Our first discussion was purely based on how she could self publish with us and have complete control, so she could keep records of books sold and channel profits directly in her accounts without any mediatory. 


When Jodie instructed us to start the character design and illustrations, it started the best dream team collaboration. Everyone was in perfect harmony with the beautiful character Bobbie had envisioned.  Renelle, our Illustrator, did a monumental job throughout... one after the other, spread after spread, giving a strong identity to Mystic Bunny Boy. 


Can't wait to read Jodie’s next adventure with Bobbie and Mystic Bunny Boy… Wonder what they both are up to this time… Helping Dougal? Or Pete the Lion fall asleep? Or bringing world peace?! 


Maini Singh

We had the absolute pleasure of printing the special 'limited edition' version of Mystic Bunny Boy, and look forward to supporting Jodie and Bobbie with any of their future works!

Kall Kwik City are a family run print and design business, providing a one-stop design and print service for businesses in London City and beyond.

George & The KK City Team

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We are a small team based in North London focusing on PR, videography, photography, marketing, social media and music production. We are passionate about what we do and love helping people push their business forwards with the best assets under their belt.

When Jodie approached us about running a campaign for her, we were overjoyed. So many ideas running through our heads.

Given the pandemic, we were keen to provide Jodie and Bobbie something special to be able to get their beautiful message across. Our promo video was born. Enjoy it!

If we can help you in anyway, please drop us an email 

Savi Tailor

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